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United Nations Association of Southern Arizona Brown Bag Speakers Program

Comparing and Analyzing Contemporary Civil Wars: South Sudan, Central African Republic and Syria

Who: Professor Jessica Maves Braithewait
Time: 12 Noon, Tuesday April 22nd
Place: United Nations Association Center

6242 E. Speedway in the Monterey Village Shopping Center
(at the corner of Wilmot and Speedway).
Phone: 520-881-6070

In the past years the news has been filled with stories of numerous of violent and terrible domestic conflicts, with the tragic situation in Syria at the forefront and conflicts within the CAR and South Sudan being added to the list of horrific African civil wars. While the violence and human cost is well-known by many who remain up to date with current affairs; the underlying group identity clashes, political tensions, and economic strife that led to and continues to exacerbate the conflicts is less well known. While the tragedy cannot be understated, it is important to analyze the root causes of the conflict, both for the sake of understanding past events as well as looking towards the feasibility of possible solutions.

We have asked Professor Jessica Maves Braithwaite to come and give brief background and analysis of these three conflicts which have been of great interest to the world community. These three case studies of South Sudan, CAR, and Syria will be the focus of but not the limit of discussion. Professor Braithwaite is knowledgeable on many civil conflicts so please bring any questions you may have about these or other civil conflicts.

Dr. Maves Braithwaite's research and teaching interests include the causes and consequences of civil war (and civil conflict more broadly), institutional explanations for civil conflict, authoritarian and democratizing regimes, politics and violence in sub-Saharan Africa, and the diffusion of civil conflict within and across borders. Her work has been published or is forthcoming at Journal of Politics and International Studies Quarterly. She earned her Ph.D. (2013) and M.A. (2010) from Penn State University, and her B.A. (2008) from Iowa State University.

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