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You may participate in hands-on programs designed to introduce a variety of fine arts and crafts processes from around the world. Currently we are offering two such opportunities, both related to Japan. Volunteer, Chizuko Boone, a native of Tokyo, gives instruction in the basics of Japanese calligraphy and traditional stencil-dying techniques.

Japanese Calligraphy

Calligraphy is an art form that originated in China and is widely practiced in Japan and other East Asian countries. Its influence is seen in ink and wash painting, in which similar tools and techniques are used. Join Chizuko Boone for a three-hour session and learn basic strokes of Kanji and Kana to write your name and your favorite messages in Japanese characters. The Center will provide authentic brushes, materials and papers.

$20.00 non-refundable class fee (due at registration) - Materials are provided.
Limited to 6 participants
Class offered: to be announced

Beading with Style, Color and Interest!

Join creative jewelry designer and volunteer, Freddie Adkinson as she shows how fun it is to recycle old beads, shells, broken necklaces, silver pieces and charms into a wonderful, colorful and meaningful new piece of jewelry.

Poke around the UN Center for wonderful ethnic pieces to use or empty out your old boxes of forgotten goodies – add colorful beads and stones of your choice – and you’re bound to end up with a necklace full of charm and meaning you’ll love forever. A plethora of unique beads, stones and silver pieces will also be available for purchase to help fill out your design.

Included with the class will be wire, bead boards, silver or gold-filled findings which will include a choice of clasp or toggle, crimp and crimp cover. The Center will also provide the necessary tools of the trade. There will be many examples of single, double and triple strand necklaces to give you ideas and get your creative juices flowing. Prepare to have fun!

$12.00 non-refundable class fee (due at registration) plus the cost of supplies.
Limited to 6 participants
Classes offered: to be announced

Japanese 'Katazome' Stencil-dyeing techniques

Gain a practical knowledge of this traditional art form, which has been used in Japan for centuries in the design of kimono textiles. Once you've learned the basics of cutting and coloring, create your own designs for applications such as notecards, tablecloths, luncheon mats or napkins. The Center will provide stencil paper, brush and dyestuff from Japan.

$25.00 non-refundable class fee (due at registration) - materials provided.
Limited to 6 participants
Classes offered: to be announced

How to enroll

Class schedules will be posted on this web-site and at the Center. When you find a day and time that works with your schedule, you can register by telephone 520-881-7060, or at the UNA-SA Center.

A non-refundable class fee must be paid in full at sign-up. Each class is limited to six persons.