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Supermarkets' Affinity Cards

A Way to Donate Painlessly

The Association has established links to three major supermarket chains - Albertsons, Basha's, and Safeway - through which the three chains will donate to the Association small percentages of each purchase of those who have registered their supermarket affinity cards. Those who register their cards can achieve a donation to the Association without costing themselves an additional penny!

If you have not registered your three affinity cards, or if you're uncertain, here is how do doit: Please call the Center at 520-881-7060, fax to 520-327-0314, or stop-by and give us your name, address and the numbers from the back of your Albertsons and/or Safeway cards. Our volunteers have forms for that information at the cash register. We'll take care of registering the Albertsons and Safeway cards from that point!

However, Safeway requires everyone to 'reregister' each year so, please, repeat the process above for your Safeway card each August.

You must register your Basha's card each September directly with a Basha's store. As you check out with your first purchase each September, merely ask the cashier to link your Basha's 'Thanks' card to the United Nations Association of Southern Arizona (organization #23920). The cashier will make the linkage in a matter of seconds!

Remember - linking your three supermarket cards will cost you absolutely nothing but the Association will receive a donation from those supermarkets equal to 1% of your purchases (excluding alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, perscriptions)!